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LWN: Linux Beer Hike 2001 Bouillon - Belgium

Sep 17, 2001, 13:02 (0 Talkback[s])
"The Linux Beer Hike or Linuxbierwanderung took place at Bouillon in Belgium this year. This might not seem like an obvious place to go to but the local facilities and scenery make for the kind of location that most people pay lots of money to go to on a package holiday. Coupled with six days of sun and only two days of rain it made this years event one of the best so far. A large crowd of people assembled over at the Archeoscope at Bouillon. Much beer was consumed and most were doing their level best to keep up with everyone else. The tenth anniversary of Linux was celebrated in some style. If only Linus Torvalds could have been there with us.

The Friday and Saturday at the beginning of the week saw a whole army of geeks arrive in Bouillon from all over the world. In the seven days that the Beer Hike took place much of the local area was covered on foot and much of the local beer was consumed by the beer crazed fans of da penguin. The author himself was able to find a leetle more room for ze local Belgian 'ospitalite even after a whole seven days of partying, mostly with the help of local people who did not give in even after midnight. At the start of the week we had to assemble a network which also included the cluster and the wireless link up to the camp site. The latter proved to be something of a pain to set up and dragged on into Monday. People were seen standing around in groups discussing the difficulties and what to do next. As well as this the cluster kind of clustered on and the rest of us shoved off for more beer which at 8% by volume was the kind of thing that shouldn't be missed out on. One of the first social events was over at the bar next to the camp site. Most people turned up and the first overly large quantity of beer was consumed. The Beer Hike isn't only about beer there are also many events organised for everyone during the seven days that it is running. Willem Konynberg started this off with his presentation which asked how do we make Linux better and why does it need to be so much like a Microsoft product when there's no real need for it. He says that he wanted to raise a few eyebrows and question current thinking about computers and software in general. The assembled crowd loved it and gave him a big round of applause.

On Sunday evening after a successful day of hacking at the keyboard most of us went to the torch lit tour of the castle. This was something of a gem from beginning to end. Very touristy but also well thought out and not to be missed. It was all about how the crusade was led from the local castle in ancient times and how the political shape of Europe was changed as a result. It's well worth going to Bouillon just for this trip alone. The tour was organised by Juergen Braukman. We would all like to thank him for his efforts."

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