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Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- #14

Sep 18, 2001, 15:11 (1 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Phil Lavigna for this link. ]


              Issue #14    Monday, 17 September 2001

Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.


This Week's Summary: Hewlett Packard offering PCs preloaded with
Mandrake; Special Offer on ProSuite Edition at MandrakeStore.com; New
Product -- Mandrake Linux Update CDs; New Mandrake T-shirts; Cooker
Weekly News Summary; Business Case of the Week; This Week's Online
Poll; Security-related software updates; Headlines from MandrakeForum;
What's New at MandrakeUser.org?

Product News
Hewlett Packard now offering PCs with Mandrake Linux pre-installed.
HP Vectra models vl420, vl800 and e-pc40 now offer the option of
MS-Windows or Mandrake 8.0 according to the HP website. The machines
come equipped with Celeron or Pentium 4's.


Save $50 when purchasing ProSuite at MandrakeStore.
The Mandrake Linux 8.0 ProSuite Edition is a complete Linux Enterprise
solution. Server Configuration Wizards allow you to quickly setup &
configure services with just a few mouse clicks. The ProSuite Edition
comes complete with Extended Server Support that covers installation &
configuration of the operating system plus several key services
(Apache, Postfix, Samba, FTP and SSH). Additionally, 2 free Update CDs
are provided (when they become available) containing bugfixes and
security updates.

The MandrakeSoft website has detailed product descriptions
of Mandrake Linux 8.0 ProSuite Edition.


New Product Announcement -- Mandrake Linux Update CDs.
Now you can receive the latest software updates in one convenient
package. Mandrake Linux Update CDs contain security updates, bugfixes,
as well as the most recent packages as of September 15, 2001. Update
CDs are available for Mandrake Linux 7.2, 8.0, Corporate Server, and
Single Network Firewall.

Available now for $20 US (shipping included) at MandrakeStore.


New Mandrake T-shirts featuring SuperTux!
Get the latest T-shirt designed exclusively for MandrakeStore
(currently only available outside of North America).
SuperTux -- black short sleeve, 100% cotton with 3 color printing, XL
only. "Building a friendly Linux World" printed on the back.
$19 USD + $10 USD shipping & handling (tax included).

What's Cooking at MandrakeSoft?
According to the September 10th edition of the Mandrake Cooker Weekly
News, a new wizard called "DrakeFirstTime" has now made its appearance
in Cooker. DrakeFirstTime allows new users to configure their window
manager and email client (at present KMail and Netscape), and also
offers the opportunity to register for MandrakeOnline.
MandrakeOnline is a new service which provides a Mandrake email alias
(yourName@mandrakeonline.net) and allows users to record their system
configuration and save it online (thereby making it possible to
download this important information in case of system crash or file
corruption). Additionally, MandrakeOnline will provide security update
 alerts customized to the system's configuration.

Read the current online version of the Mandrake Cooker Weekly News,
or subscribe by sending an email to sympa@linux-mandrake.com with the
words "subscribe cooker-mcwn" (no quotes) in the subject line.

Business Case of the Week
Benefit Software uses Linux-Mandrake for web development and surges
Benefit Software develops web-based applications using PHP, HTMLOS and
MySQL. They use Mandrake Linux on their development computers because
of the wide range of tools it supplies, its easy installation and its
bleeding edge look at technology.
"Linux Mandrake provides the many web tools we need to be productive,
including the apache web server, php, mysql, gimp, ssh, vim, mozilla,
galeon, gaim (communication) during install and constant updates at

Read many more examples of Mandrake Linux in the workplace
at MandrakeBizCases.com. If you use MandrakeSoft products in your
business, please share your story by submitting your own personal "Bizcase".

This Week's Online Poll
This week's poll is a request from the developers: "Please help the
developers improve the keyboard settings in MandrakeLinux by completing
a brief survey. At the moment we are interested in finding out which
language people use during the installation, which keyboards are most
commonly used with each language, and how usable is MandrakeLinux with
various languages."

Please take a minute to help improve Mandrake Linux.

Software Updates
Security-related software updates have been released for
xli/xloadimage; view the entire list.

Top Stories of the Week from MandrakeForum
The Beta 3 of Mandrake Linux 8.1 has arrived.
Many beta-testers report their observations.

Moooouuuuseeee Shaaaaadoooow :-)
Tom describes how to get a mouse shadow working with nVidia's video
card: "The one feature I've always deemed as cool in Windows 2000 has
been the 'mouse shadow', which adds a nice 3d touch to your mouse

Videoconferencing in LM 8.1 (beta)
Deno writes: "A few days ago, Florin made gnomemeeting rpm package ,
followed by server packages needed to set up a complete
videotelephony/conferencing environment for your
school/company/family/friends. If you have been looking for a good
reason to try out the 8.1 beta, look no further: gnomemeeting is cool,
easy to use, and compatible with other h323 clients (like netmeeting)."

How to get standalone Java applications working in KDE.
Conman provides an easy-to-follow explanation of a topic that is
quite important to many users.

Crossover plugin from Codeweavers: Quicktime, Shockwave and
more for Linux.
Great story for folks who keep saying that they can't use Linux because
this or that doesn't work.

Getting Along With Windows XP.
Tom tests Windows XP and posts a simple explanation on how to install
Mandrake Linux together with XP, as well as how to get rid of either
Windows or Linux afterwards.

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum.

What's New at MandrakeUser.org?
Updated articles on:

    * Hardware Configuration
    * Removable Storage Devices
    * IDE Hard Drives
    * nVidia on Mandrake

New articles on:

    * Configuring automount, contributed by Kevin McCormick
    * Multibooting WinSE, W2k and Mandrake, contributed by Scott Hanak


    * The Mandrake Laptop Files now contain 300 entries.
    * New Download Archive for September.

All this and more at MandrakeUser.org.


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