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LinuxDA-based Handheld Approaches Launch

Sep 23, 2001, 11:54 (3 Talkback[s])

From LinuxDevices.com:

Device profile: PowerPlay III Linux PDA (Includes a picture of the device.

"The PowerPlay III PDA is manufactured in Taiwan and sold online by Empower Technologies, a vendor of Embedded Linux for intelligent appliances. The device is claimed to be Palm IIIxe compatible, from a hardware perspective. But unlike Palm's PDAs, the PowerPlay III runs Empower Technologies' Linux DA O/S implementation of Embedded Linux for the Dragonball processor.

Another big difference from Palm's PDAs is price: the PowerPlay III is being sold for $99 online, with an introductory price of just $89."

From LinuxCare.ch:

LinuxDA reviewed - written by Peter Kis

"It feels great to have Linux on my Palm Pilot.  LinuxDA is stable and reasonably fast - but some of the standard applications really need further development.  It seems to me that the programmers with Empower Technologies were under a lot of time pressure and thus had to release some applications that just aren't ready yet. This is especially the case for the handwriting recognition and the schedule application (EVERYBODY needs to be able to set alarms, believe me!). The address book needs to be re-written - it's WAY too slow. Plus  I'd love to see a Linux version of the desktop software and support for external keyboards.

Don't get me wrong: I really don't want to be too negative here:  All of the applications show that professionals are at work and most of them are almost ready for every-day work.  There's nothing that couldn't be fixed with some effort and time. If  Empower Technologies provide us with regular updates, LinuxDA will be a full alternative to PalmOS in no time!"