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Libranet Linux Cuts Back

Oct 03, 2001, 17:22 (7 Talkback[s])

brm writes:

Libranet Linux has become the latest distribution to announce a cut-back in development effort because of slowing sales. Libranet, a small Canadian firm in the software development business since 1984, may not be well-known but it has a dedicated following among users who value the stability and easy maintenance of a Debian-based distribution but seek more modern tools (KDE 2.1.1, XFree 4.0.2, kernel 2.4.3, etc) than the current Debian stable distribution. If this top-notch small distribution (OK, so it's my personal favourite :-} ) does not survive, at least its users will have the comfort of a system which can be maintained with Debian tools. The image of the latest version has been made available for free download at: http://www.libranet.com/download.html

LIBRANET NEWSLETTER    October 2, 2001


Welcome to this edition of the Libranet newsletter.


Our heartfelt sympathy to all those that have lost loved ones
in the senseless murders in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.


Owing to a sharp downturn in CD sales we are now forced to
concentrate on other projects to generate cash flow.
We have by no means dropped Libranet, it's just that we have
scaled down the number of people/hours available to it.
So, we'll have a new release as soon as it's ready and we are
doing our best to make it an even better system than before.
Thanks for being patient.


We hear that the Linux world is in the doldrums, or maybe in a
holding pattern.  We notice less of those that are new to Linux
purchasing Libranet.  The bulk of the purchases seem to come from
existing Linux users switching to Libranet.
The release of the 2.4 kernel, KDE 2 and XFree86 4 was expected
to help bring about a substantial exodus from Microsoft, but this
has yet to happen.  We think the number of GNU/Linux users will
continue to increase, although slowly. We hope that the world
will realize that there is a better alternative to Microsoft.


Several people have mentioned how helpful the libranet-users
mailing list is and how much they enjoy the discussion.
If you want to join, see http://www.libranet.com/support.html


Libranet 1.9.1 is now available for free download at

All the best.

- The Libranet Team


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