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LinuxHardware.org: AMD Athlon XP Linux Tested

Oct 09, 2001, 22:16 (1 Talkback[s])

Augustus writes:

LinuxHardware.org has posted a review of the just released AMD Athlon XP processor. Included in the review are full technical details, compatibility information, stability concerns, and the all important benchmarks all under Linux. Check out how the latest from AMD performs and whether it's worth your hard-earned money.

From the review:

"Amazingly enough, the latest processor offerings from both of the big boys (AMD and Intel) have been remarkably stable chips and the Athlon XP continues this trend. In all tests performed the Athlon XP 1800+ reviewed in the following performance analysis was a rock. It held up under all loads for extended periods of time.

The biggest concern you should make note of is that Athlon processors have stability issues on certain boards. This is mainly caused by multiple companies making chipsets for the Athlon unlike Intel processors that primarily use Intel chipsets. Be sure to do your research on boards before making that big decision of which one is right for you. Of particular note are KT133(A)-based boards which we reviewed a little while back and AMD 761 boards. The KT133(A) boards range from solid boards to utter crap and the 761 boards have AGP issues that are quite sporadic. Our board of choice will be appearing in a review in the following couple of weeks.

Unfortunately we have to take off a couple of points due to the possibility of buying an utterly unusable system board. Not AMD's fault but a fact."

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