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Building OpenOffice For Debian mini-HOWTO

Oct 10, 2001, 20:25 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Peter Novodvorsky)

Peter Novodvorsky has produced a document explaining how to build OpenOffice on Debian which he says will likely help with the process on other distributions, too:

Probably it will work on any other modern distribution, but I tried
only Debian.

System requires: Good processor, 128 Mb (256MB better),
                 2,5 Gb hard disk space.

Needed software and files:
        - OpenOffice 638C from CVS (I didn't try 640).
        - STLPort _4.0_ You won't build it with debian's 4.1 
          package. You can get package diff from here
and stlport4.0 from  stlport.com, and then build package
          yourself (Currently I  don't  have enough connection
          to put binaries)
        - gcc 2.95.x.
        - Java JDK 1.3.1. You can get it from blackdown.org:
          deb ftp://metalab.unc.edu/pub/linux/devel/lang/java/blackdown.org/debian woody non-free
          This JDK package is extremly bad (it  puts everything in /usr/java).
          If you want,  you can  make FHS-compilant package with JDK1.3.1,
          But you'll need to emulate java home, like we will do with
          STLPort (see below).
        - Sources for libgpcl0. (apt-get --tar-only source libgpcl0)
        - little patch:

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