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AllLinuxDevices: First Humanoid Robot built with RTLinux In European Premiere at Milan Expo

Oct 25, 2001, 14:51 (2 Talkback[s])
"European Premiere of the Japanese built Humanoid Robot H7 to be presented by Dr. Satoshi Kagami, Senior Research Scientist at the Digital Human Laboratory of the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology of Tokyo, Japan during the international Embedded Linux Expo & Conference in Milan, Italy, November 26-29, 2001.

"The true value of a technology is reflected in its applications. We are proud to present the European Premiere of the first ever built Humanoid Robot" said Zoltan Hunor - President of ACTIVE Exhibitions Europe, Netherlands - "Using RT Linux to control its swift movements and achieving 36 degrees of freedom (DOF) is a true unique achievement The Japanese have always invested heavily in developing humanoid robot technology. They see humanoid robots as the products of the future." - continued Zoltan Hunor.

"Human-shaped robots are well-suited for operating within environments designed for real humans. In order to provide an experimental research platform for full-body integrated sensing and control, the prototype Humanoid Robot "H6" and "H7" are currently being developed at the JSK Laboratory at the University of Tokyo" - said Dr. Satoshi Kagami. The humanoid robot ``H7'' is developed as a platform for the research on perception-action coupling in intelligent behavior of humanoid type robots. The H7 has the following features:"

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