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Oracle on SuSE Linux Enterprise 7 is Faster Than NT2000, Fastcenter Corp. Benchmarks Released

Oct 25, 2001, 20:20 (24 Talkback[s])

[ From a press release. FastCenter is a SuSE and Oracle vendor. -ed.]

SAN FRANCISCO--Oct. 25, 2001-- Fastcenter Oracle performance tests on exactly the same hardware show NT2000 capable of only 85% of throughput compared to SuSE Linux Enterprise 7 .

Fastcenter, an Oracle server sales and database support organization, today announced the completion of performance comparisons of Oracle on SuSE Linux Enterprise server 7 as compared to Oracle on Windows 2000 Server.

"Our test results show average job times on NT2000 at 34 minutes per concurrent job and 25 minutes per job on SuSE Linux," explains Mark Jumaga, President and CEO of Fastcenter Corporation. Fastcenter compared the latest Oracle kernel for NT versus 9.0.1 on Linux using exactly the same hardware server. According to Jumaga "These two platforms have exactly the same Oracle 9i classes in them and we configured the two environments as closely as possible. We ran 15 heavy concurrent Portal30 loads. We also found the same results when testing the previous SuSE 7.2 release at 29 minutes per job, so Enterprise 7 with the new 2.4.7 Linux kernel is also faster than the 2.4.4 kernel."

According to Jumaga, "Linux has proven itself as the number one choice for reliability for many years, and after the certification of Oracle 9.0.1 database on SuSE Linux, these statistics now prove that SuSE Linux Enterprise Server is also the number one choice for performance. Fastcenter sells Oracle on SuSE Linux exclusively with a 99.998% uptime guarantee, and we're thrilled at the test results. Stay tuned, because our next tests will be against similarly priced Sun hardware." Full test results and timed runs are available at the FastCenter website.