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UnixReview: The Open Road: Son of Squid, One Bad Apple, and a Bug

Oct 29, 2001, 13:09 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier)
"Last month, I talked a little bit about Squid, a Web proxy cache, and how to set it up. Although you could run Squid in the default configuration, how much fun would that be? In this month's column, I'll look at a few of the important configuration parameters. Squid has tons of configuration options, so I can't go into them all here. For those who want to get deep into the Squid functionality, the Squid configuration manual and user guide cover all the bases.

Because Squid is all about caching objects, there are a number of configuration options that deal with the way Squid stores objects in its cache. Individual needs vary greatly according to how Squid is used, so you'll probably want to tweak the config options for maximum performance.

Depending on the size of objects you expect Squid to handle, you may want to adjust the default setting for maximum object size. This is stored in the configuration file as maximum_object_size. The default is set at 4096 KB, so if you want Squid to cache objects larger than 4 MB, you'll need to increase this value. On the other hand, for my home use, I don't need to cache objects that large, so I set it to 2048 KB. (However, if everyone in your office just discovered the Quicktime movie "Trooper Clerks," you might want to set it much higher...)"

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