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WIRED: Windows XP: EXtra Proprietary (Red Hat's Michael Tiemann says "Boycott the Monopolist")

Nov 01, 2001, 08:18 (37 Talkback[s])
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"A writer for the Christian Science Monitor recently observed: "More than anything else, XP reminds me of a tourist trap. You arrive in a foreign city, and a handsome stranger walks up to you and says he will show you around the city. He offers to take you to the very best shops and restaurants. But you soon realize that he is taking you only to places that are owned by his relatives or by someone who gives him a kickback."

Microsoft's eXtra Proprietary go beyond mere tourism: Most users find that with Microsoft's Passport they cannot get out of Microsoft Country once they enter. Is this really where you wanted to go today?

Let's get out of this vicious trap the way we got in: by controlling what we do with our money. If you are already running Microsoft's products, do the sensible thing and BOYCOTT THE MONOPOLIST. Let Microsoft's latest products sit in warehouses until Microsoft comes to their senses and removes all the eXtra Proprietary technologies they've been engineering over the past several years. Wait until Microsoft offers a level playing field to other operating systems, applications and network service providers."

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"...'Corporate buyers look at their monthly payments to Microsoft and they see it increase, so the progress that has been made with our desktop applications in the consumer space is pretty amazing. But our business model is not based on the collapse of Microsoft -- we have plenty of business opportunity in front of that.'

That's about the same tone that Miguel de Icaza -- the co-founder of the Linux desktop company Ximian -- reserved for XP. The Ximian Desktop (which is based on the Gnome desktop) is about the closest thing to the Windows user interface available on Linux, so XP would seem to be real competition -- but de Icaza calls XP "a nice OS."

'They have some nice features," he said. "They have done some improvements on the user interface. I think the UI is more consistent (than previous versions of Windows).'"

WIRED: Of Mixed Messages, Linux and XP

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