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Netcraft Results for November Released: 'Her Majesty Rocks no more'

Dec 02, 2001, 09:45 (27 Talkback[s])

Peter Rasmussen writes:

If you check out: http://www.netcraft.com/survey/ You'll see the unfortunate news that:

>Her Majesty Rocks no more
>Two years ago the Queen of England became an unlikely icon for the Linux 
>revolution when her webmaster replaced Solaris as the platform for the Royal 
>Family's site, citing the better price/performance of the Dell/Linux platform 
>over the previous incumbent, Sun/Solaris. The open source community celebrated 
>and speculated on when the Apache web server might receive the "By Royal 
>Appointment" moniker. This week the site has changed platforms again, this time 
>to Microsoft-IIS.
However, it seems related to the fact that old 'block-owner' was:

CCTA, The Government Centre for Information Systems

that is all Linux and the new block-owner is:


that is mixed Linux-NT4-W2K.

It seems that the content providers wanted the switch, but I wonder what Linux/Apache+modules couldn't do that the other platform can do?

Netcraft's Survey Results Page

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