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Special Thanks to Chris Allegretta

Dec 04, 2001, 00:09 (17 Talkback[s])

LinuxToday would like to extend a special thanks to Chris Allegretta for our shiny new 'favicon.'

Favicons are the graphics that used to bedevil web administrators who noticed numerous requests for nonexistent files called 'favicon.ico' in their logs thanks to what was once a feature limited to Internet Explorer that caused bookmarks ('favorites' in Microsoft parlance) to bear a small graphic of a site logo. Over time, Konqueror and now the latest Mozilla releases have included support for the feature, and we have to admit that they are pretty useful when looking for a specific link out of a collection of bookmarks.

Reader Chris Allegretta has become hooked on them as well, and decided to help spruce up LinuxToday with an icon of its own. So... we're happy to include the icon on our site, and we're very grateful to Chris for taking the time to make it for us.

Thanks, Chris!

Michael Hall
Managing Editor, LinuxToday