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Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Issue #21

Dec 07, 2001, 10:40 (7 Talkback[s])

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                      Thursday, 6 December 2001

Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to 
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.


This Week's Summary: Mandrake Linux 8.1 for Itanium; Mandrake Linux 
Users Club Update; Introducing the MandrakeSecure website; Mandrake in 
the News; What's Cooking at MandrakeSoft; Business Case of the Week; 
Software Updates; This Week's Online Poll; Top Stories from 

Product News
Mandrake Linux 8.1 for Itanium.
On Dec. 3rd, MandrakeSoft announced the availability of Mandrake Linux 
8.1 for Intel Itanium architecture. The Itanium is a high-performance 
platform commonly used for servers and advanced computing. This new 
product offers the same features as Mandrake Linux 8.1, but has been 
optimized for the IA64 architecture.

Mandrake Linux 8.1 for IA64 is now available for free download,
and will soon be available for purchase at MandrakeStore.

Support plans and professional consulting are available for this product.

Top Stories
Mandrake Linux Users Club: Preparing for the first session.
A new web site dedicated to the Mandrake Linux Users Club should be 
open in less than one week. The website will provide detailed 
information about the features/benefits of the Club; report about club 
activities; and also allow the opportunity for members to provide 

If you're a happy Mandrake user who wants to ensure that the Mandrake
Linux distribution keeps going in the right direction, join the 
Mandrake Users Club!


Introducing MandrakeSecure.
In order to concentrate all Mandrake-relevant security information in 
one location, a new member of the MandrakeSoft family of websites has 
been launched. The new site, MandrakeSecure.net, is devoted entirely to 
security. It provides new mailing lists on security topics, an online 
discussion forum to discuss security with others users around the 
globe, and valuable links to security resources available on the 
internet. It also features articles written specifically for Mandrake 
Linux users to help them understand security, and why security is 

MandrakeSoft Security Specialist Vincent Danen adds:
"Currently, there are two documents on the site that may prove to be of 
immediate interest. The first is using sudo to lock down permissions on 
your system; invaluable for multi-user environments. The second is a 
piece entitled "The Black Magic of Updating" and explains the why and 
how of updating software in Mandrake Linux, the importance of reading 
advisories, and the not-so black magic of updating kernels, which may 
be of particular interest for those of who have not yet taken the step 
to update to the latest kernels provided via Updates. These two 
articles are, of course, merely the beginning, and you can expect to 
see many more feature articles on the site in the future".

Mandrake in the News
CRN.com -- Constructing a Windows-Less Office.
This week's cover story is an article about replacing Windows with 
Linux-powered desktops in a typical small-business environment.

"The advances in the KDE interface and the easy system maintenance 
provided by both SuSE and Mandrake provide a solid client desktop that 
Windows clients can't touch."


Netcraft.com -- Web Server Survey.
Denis Havlik was browsing the Netcraft survey and noticed the "Advanced 
Extranet Webserver" was recorded on 48,114 web sites last month -- 
that's more than a 300% increase from one year ago!

The Advanced Extranet Webserver is a high-performance version of the 
famous Apache webserver found only in the Mandrake Linux distribution.


PCmag.com -- Get Started With Linux.
PC magazine hosts an article about setting up a web server with 
Mandrake Linux. "Linux is a compelling choice when you want to take a 
break from Windows or run your own Web server. We'll help you get 


ZDNet.com -- Travel ASP rides Linux to success.
Viata is a Hawaii-based ASP (Application Service Provider) to the 
online travel industry. When they needed a low-cost but effective 
technical infrastructure, their solution was to use Mandrake Linux as 
the desktop and server OS.

"Viata saved about $170,000 in software costs during the first six 
months of using Linux, according to Phillips. Viata also saved on 
hardware, as it was able to avoid purchasing the high-end machines it 
would have needed to run Windows. And administration is cheaper, since 
most functions are performed centrally and can be automated."

What's Cooking at MandrakeSoft?
Hot topics from last week's Cooker mailing list include discussions 
about hackkernel, Nautilus build requirements, %makeinstall rpm 
building macro, and Higher resolution for i810 chipsets during the 
install. Read the Cooker Mailing List Archives.


SNF code merged to Cooker.
The Single Network Firewall administrative interface has been adapted 
to the 2.4 kernel and merged into Cooker. The next step will be to fix 
bugs and add new functionality. Join the discussion at MandrakeForum 
and provide your opinion about what new features should be added to the 
next "firewall" product. 

Business Case of the Week
Mandrake Linux used for everything in our Information Services 
The Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF) 
represents students to the university, as well as providing legal 
services, a Student Saver program, online classifieds, and personal web 
site hosting. They use Mandrake Linux for the web/database/email 
server, as well as on their workstations.

Joshua Kugler, the Information Services Director, says "We have been 
very pleased with Mandrake Linux and would recommend it to anyone 
looking for a Linux distribution on which to base their enterprise."

Every "bizcase" counts; please share your story by submitting it to 

Software Updates
wu-ftpd -- fix potential remote root compromise
postfix -- fix potential remote DoS
apache -- fixes a number of vulnerabilities

View the entire list.

This Week's Online Poll
Which processor(s) do you use with ML?

AMD Athlon
AMD Duron
Intel Itanium or Xeon
Intel Pentium 3 or Pentium 4
Intel Celeron
Other i386 compatible processor
PPC G3 or G4

Cast your vote in the Voting Booth and check the results.

Top Stories from MandrakeForum
Mandrakesoft Advent Calendar.
Deno writes: "Tomorrow is the first day of Advent, and (Christian) 
tradition says that during Advent (4 weeks preceding Christmas) one 
should have a calendar with surprises. Each day one little door gets 
opened; each day a new treasure comes out. This year, Mandrakesoft will 
have its own Advent calendar online".

Due to overwhelming results from our business survey, we have been 
adding dozens of great stories to MandrakeBizCases.com; so every day, 
there will be at least one new story on the MandrakeBizcases site, and 
we'll try to put some very special stories out each Sunday.


Mandrake and Win4Lin maker NeTraverse forge partnership.
Desktop Linux reports: "In the relationship agreement, MandrakeSoft 
will be integrating and marketing the NeTraverse products with its 
market-leading software, offering NeTraverse's Win4Lin desktop product 
directly through its online store".

Deno adds: "Our role is to make sure that people actually get Win4Lin 
with the distribution, and that they can easily buy licenses for it 
through MandrakeStore. FYI, the first "update CD" for ML 8.1 ProSuite 
is almost ready, and I hope it will contain the updated version of 
Win4Lin which works with updated kernel. This CD is primarily targeted 
at Pro-suite buyers (these get it shipped free of charge), but I 
suppose it will be available on MandrakeStore too.


PPC Cooker - A hands-on guide.
For any Macintosh users who are interested in testing the future 
version of Mandrake PPC, George Hartlieb has put together a small guide 
of some of the tricks he's learned along the way. And since the first 
part of this document describes how to setup a local mirror of Cooker, 
it's also informative for all would-be Cooker testers, not only those 
who own a PPC machine.


Who owns your data?
Steve Litt, the editor of Troubleshooters.com, switched to Linux a few 
months ago; he describes how & why both he and his company did the 
transition in the April 2001 issue of "Troubleshooting Professional 


Oracle 8i release 3 (version 8.1.7) on Mandrake 8.1.
"Anonymous" shares some tips on how he successfully installed & 
configured the Oracle database on Mandrake Linux 8.1.

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum.


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