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More on the Microsoft Trial: Matthew Szulik's Testimony and a Useful HOWTO

Dec 12, 2001, 23:23 (13 Talkback[s])

'Sinner from the Prairy' writes:

Today, Matthew Szulik, Red Hat inc.'s CEO testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the matter of the anti-trust case settlement against Microsoft Corp.

This is the actual phase of the Anti-trust trial. 9 States plus the District of Columbia (plus yourself, keep reading) are still in the fight. They have presented a remedy proposal different from the agreement achieved by Microsoft Corp. and the Government of the United States of America. One of the points of the proposal is to require the porting of MS-Office to Linux.

The next phase is, as provided by the Tunney Act, the public comment period in the case U.S. v. Microsoft. In this next phase, you can express your concerns and possible solutions, as explained in LinuxPlanet's .comment article "Crunch Time". You have until January, 26th, 2002, to present your opinions! More details, plus style guide, plus sensible reasoning here. Will you be up to the job? Remember, use this HOWTO.

Also, to form your opinion prior sending your comments, there's an interesting article (in Spanish, use the fish) on "El Diario Vasco" by Professor of Computer Systems and Languages Jose María Alcaide, UPV-EHU (Universidad del País Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea). There, Prof. Alcaide describes to a non-technical audience why it is bad a monopoly in the OS arena. I believe that Prof. Alcaide raises very valid points.