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Microsoft.com: Why Microsoft Windows XP Embedded and Not Embedded Linux?

Dec 13, 2001, 09:50 (44 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Tomas Marek for this link. ]

"Selecting an operating system (OS) platform is one of the first decisions an embedded developer must make for any given device design. Whether you are considering migrating from a proprietary to commercial platform, or from one commercial platform to another, the objectives are the same: accelerated time to market; a solid, extensible OS core that can be used across all projects; superior technologies that support differentiation and address emerging opportunities; and predictability over the device lifecycle. In addition, you want it at the lowest possible total cost from a reputable vendor who will support you throughout the process.

For smart, connected, 32-bit devices requiring rich applications, Microsoft Windows XP Embedded delivers six distinct advantages over Linux in the embedded space:"

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LinuxDevices.com has a rebuttal:

"History is known to repeat itself over and over again. If anything is necessary to prove that, just take a look at Microsoft. Whenever a new and interesting technology arises, we can be sure Microsoft will care about it, for the sake of the customers, as they say. Listening to Microsoft's PR department I sometimes get the feeling, that we as potential customers should be prevented from potential mistakes we might be making by accessing competitional technology. So the gods from Redmond show us ways into the right direction, the direction of enlightenment and we should all be thankful for that.

It is the old story. Instead of coping with new ideas and technology, suppression is used. If we think about the JAVA dispute some years ago, Microsoft tried to adopt and, when they noticed that they wont succeed, started ignoring.

The same is happening here. Linux is the new enemy-of-state in Redmond."