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HP Linux Inkjet Driver Release 1.0

Dec 14, 2001, 23:23 (44 Talkback[s])
From:   DESKJET,LINUX (HP-Vancouver,exgen1) 
Subject:        HP Linux Inkjet Driver Release 1.0
Date:   14 Dec 2001 17:51:19 -0500      

Hewlett Packard has just released Version 1.0 of the HP Linux Inkjet Driver.
There have been several enhancements to the driver including:

-Duplex support
-Multiple media size support
-More models supported, now over 60 
-New IJS interface capable of supporting other printer manufacturers

The latest source code, and more information can be found at

The following are the release notes for Version 1.0.

**************** HP Linux Inkjet Driver 1.0 Release ****************
Updated HPIJS to APDK 3.01 which adds support for the following printers. 

Deskjet 656 
Deskjet 825/845 
Deskjet 920 
Deskjet 940/948 
Deskjet 995 
Deskjet 1125 
Deskjet 1220 
Deskjet 2250 
Photosmart 100 
Photosmart 1115 
Photosmart 1215 
Photosmart 1315 
CP 1160 
CP 1700 
Apollo P2500 
Apollo P2600 

Added support for IJS interface 0.29. The IJS interface is a generalized
interface for any printer manufacturer. The IJS interface was written by
Raph Levien of Ghostscript. This release is also backward compatible with
HPIJS 0.97 interface. 

Added support for Duplex. Duplex is only available with the IJS interface.
When Duplex mode is set, top and bottom margins are set to 1/2 inch. 

Added support for the following paper sizes - Photo, Photo Full Bleed, A6,
B4, B5, Oufuku-Hagaki and Hagaki. The new paper sizes are only available
with the IJS interface. 

Added a platform-independent automake/autoconf makefile for HPIJS.
**************** HP Linux Inkjet Driver 1.0 Release ****************