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Linux Journal: A Penguin Angle on the Ox: Day One at Macworld

Jan 11, 2002, 16:30 (14 Talkback[s])
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"What impressed me was the 'and' logic going on. These guys don't see OS X as a Linux competitor. 'The more you know about Linux the better you can understand what's happening at the foundation of OS X,' one guy told me. 'OS X is a desktop UNIX that drives a lot of devices. It likes Linux servers, and it likes Linux devices. It even likes Linux desktops. Vice versa too. There isn't a problem here.'"

One commercial software guy had another interesting thing to say: "Apple doesn't have absolute control of its developer community, and it's not trying to take over the world. As a Microsoft developer, you've got this huge gravitational field to contend with, plus the fact that they want to lock everybody in. This creates a much different mood."

There's another difference. Microsoft often talks about its "right to innovate." Even if we grant that Microsoft does innovate on some things, its reputation is quite otherwise. Not so with Apple. When Steve Jobs listed nine Apple "innovations" over the last year (the slide on the left), it's hard not to grant the company a high degree of originality, even if one protests the company's proprietary tendencies."

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