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Community: Linux.Conf.Au schedule announced

Jan 14, 2002, 14:58 (0 Talkback[s])

Anand Kumria writes:

Linux.Conf.Au 2002 is almost upon us. The list of speakers has been up for quite a while and we've been working flat out to put together a great timetable.

Unfortunately with the likes of Andrew Tridgell, Jeremy Allison, Rusty Russell, Neil Brown and Wayne Piekarski holding forth on Samba, Active Directory, netfilter Mark VI, Linux NFS and Virtual Reality with Linux it hasn't been easy.

As well as David Axmark, Adilson Oliveria, Ted Ts'o, David Finlay, Bdale Garbee and Anthony Towns speaking variously on MySQL, Linux in the Third World, grokking the mind of Linus, FlightGear, hppa/ia64 porting and the Debian testing distribution it has, understandbly, been quite a challenge.

Having Rasterman (graphics), Brad Hards (USB) and Alan Modra (GCC) didn't help either. As an extra bonus we've even got our own Debian mini-Conf. Check out both the main conference schedule a nd the Debian mini-conf. schedule

We'll see you in Brisbane, Australia in February