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Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Issue #27

Jan 23, 2002, 10:22 (1 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Phil Lavigna for this link. ]


              Issue #27    Tuesday, 22 January 2002

Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to 
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.


This Week's Summary: New toll-free number for North America; 
MandrakeSoft U.S. OTC listing - Request for feedback; "Ask Mandrake" 
series at MandrakeClub; Mandrake in the News; Business Case of the 
Week; Security-related Software Updates; Mandrake Website Updates; 
Headlines from MandrakeForum

Product News
MandrakeSoft now offers a toll-free number for North American companies 
seeking professional Linux services. If your business is in need of 
support services, Linux migration, consulting or training, our 
Professional Services sales staff in North America is available to 
assist you immediately:

Contact MandrakeSoft North America:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm EST

Mandrake Linux manuals available at Mandrakestore.
Mandrake users can now purchase the official printed manuals at 
MandrakeStore. Available titles include:
The Mandrake Linux 8.1 Installation & User Guide, and the Mandrake 
Linux 8.1 Reference Manual.

View the latest products and place your order at MandrakeStore.

Financial Corner
MandrakeSoft U.S. OTC listing - Request for feedback.
As reported in the latest Shareholder and Community newsletters, 
MandrakeSoft stock is now traded on the U.S. OTC market -- over 6000 
exchanges have been performed to date.

Since this listing is such a recent development, we are interested to hear 
from people who have traded (or have attempted to trade) MDKFF on the 
OTC market. If you have an experience to share with others on this 
topic, please post it at MandrakeForum so we can create a "How-to 
purchase shares on the U.S. OTC market" with the information.

A new series of "members-only" articles has been introduced at the 
MandrakeClub website. Ask Mandrake allows club members to ask 
questions to MandrakeSoft employees. This week's article features Gaël 
Duval, the creator of the Mandrake Linux distribution. The answers to 
the most interesting questions will be released next week in the form 
of an interview.

Not yet a Mandrake Club member? To learn more, please visit:

Mandrake in the News
HardcoreWare.net -- Ready for a new audience?
The hardware & gaming site "HardcoreWare.net" offers an informative 
9-page review of the Mandrake 8.1 Gaming Edition. Topics include: 
Installation; Configuration and Wizards;  Mandrake Control Center; 
Included Applications & Servers; and, of course, Games.

TuxReports.com -- MandrakeLinux 8.1 Experiences.
The TuxReport "KillerTux team" installed Mandrake Linux Gaming Edition, 
Mandrake Linux Standard Edition, and the Mandrake Download Edition on 
dozens of different x86 hardware systems. A 6-page fact-filled article 
describes their experience:

TechTV -- Free Download of the Day: Mandrake Linux.
The U.S. TV show "The ScreenSavers" has been talking alot about 
Mandrake Linux recently. On last week's show, they featured Mandrake as 
a free download, recommended the distribution to their viewers, and 
conducted a live Mandrake installation.

Business Case of the Week
100% Linux Solution at School!
Like many schools, the "Lycée Français de Toronto" requires a full 
range of computer services for their students and faculty, but doesn't 
have a huge budget -- that's why they turned to Mandrake Linux:

"We run the following services efficiently on low-cost hardware:
Web server 
J2EE server 
mail server 
DHCP server 
NIS server 
NFS server 
SAMBA server
We have more than 200 hundred users showing up in the Mandrake's pretty 
login window."

See MandrakeBizCases.com for many more examples of Mandrake Linux in the workplace.

Software Updates
Security-related software updates have been released for:
at -- fixes exploitable heap corruption
proftpd -- fixes remote DoS vulnerability
xchat -- fixes CTCP vulnerability
stunnel -- fixes format string vulnerability
sudo -- fixes local root vulnerability

View the complete list.

Website Updates
MandrakeSecure.net has a new paper that talks about installing and using 
the djbdns DNS server as a secure replacement for BIND in Mandrake 
Another paper discusses using the LIDS (Linux Intrusion Detection 
System) kernel patch on a 2.4.16 Mandrake kernel. This article 
describes patching your kernel, building your kernel, and configuring 
LIDS to work with your Mandrake system; including a set of basic and 
advanced ACLs that you can use.

The Mandrake Demo & Tutorial Center has updated chapters on the
8.1 Software Manager and MenuDrake:
The Software Manager provides an easy way to install, remove, and 
update applications on a Mandrake system.
MenuDrake is an easy-to-use graphical utility for creating customized 
menus in your preferred desktop environment.

Top Stories from MandrakeForum
Eurologiciel and MandrakeSoft present a rock-solid accounting package!
Denis describes GICA -- a commercial accounting package that comes in 
three flavours:
1. FreeGICA: available for download free of charge.
2. GICA-COMPTA: commercial version of the accounting package
3. GICA-PGI: full ERP (enterprise resource planning)

MandrakeClub members, where do they all come from?
Denis Havlik, a statistics junky, crunches the MandrakeClub numbers and 
discusses the results.

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum.


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