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LinuxUser Issue 17 Released

Feb 11, 2002, 17:21 (1 Talkback[s])

Issue 17 - December 2001/January 2002

Editorial 74k
The government's acceptance of Microsoft sponsorship for a discussion on IT in the NHS may strike many as plain fishy, but at least it clearly illustrates the current level of understanding within the executive and the Civil Service. It's time that ministers and mandarins got a dose of their own educational prescription, says Trevor Parsons, and in triplicate

Cover feature - All rights reversed 149k
With the music and video industries waging a fierce and apparently losing war to control the digital audience, Richard Hillesley asks whether open formats, open licensing and Internet distribution could really end up cutting out the middleman

Open personalities - Alan Cox, red hat hacker 83k
He may be handing over some of his kernel responsibilities, but you certainly won't see Linus Torvalds' senior lieutenant taking a back seat. The bearded one talks to LinuxUser about Linux, life at the office, and why free software programmers risk their freedom if they visit the US

Freestyle - Never knowingly understated 81k
With nearly 33 million page references to Linux indexed on Google, our roving reporter Samuel Palmer slightly narrows the field with his pick of Linux news and views sites on the Web

Linux at work - The message 77k
Linux: is it evolution or revolution? Both, says Russ Foster, as he finds a Linux server delivering continuity for a solution provider and a quantum leap in productivity for its advertising agency client

The Knowledge 53k
The LPI releases full Level 2 certification worldwide, Red Hat expands its distance learning offering, and beginners.co.uk online offers Linux training free and for a fee, plus listings of training providers country-wide, and the latest free Linux Training Materials Project module: Work effectively on the Unix command line

Reviews - Products and services 124k
LinuxUser's panel verdict on IBM's hefty eServer x250, the new and highly stable Red Hat Linux 7.2 release, configurable server management in the shape of Raritan's Paragon KVM, the DNUK Workstar - the ultimate Linux box? - and the latest and greatest distro release from Linux Mandrake

Books 63k
Fresh in to the LinuxUser library this month: Palm OS Network Programming for the Linux user's favourite PDA, Linux Routing for a view beyond the basics, UNIX Shells By Example, a critical look at Linux For Your Mac, and an introduction to Linux's cousin with FreeBSD Unleashed

Soapbox - Let's hear it for user labs 40k
Fresh from listening to Bill Gates and Alan Milburn at the MS/NHS love-in, Douglas Carnall concludes that free software will inevitably replace proprietary software in the health service, but that in the meanwhile the movement would be wise to learn a lesson or two in usability testing from its adversary