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Update: The Demise of Sorcerer GNU/Linux--Not Quite

Mar 16, 2002, 01:33 (45 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Jeff Costa and Ryan Abrams for these links. ]

"Kyle [Sallee] required more computers, a faster Internet connection, and more persons helping in order to distribute the work load. A less than perfect compromise for a faster computer and Internet connection was accepted when the project's base for distribution was moved to ibiblio.org. Persons agreed to help out. SGL's future was looking sustainable, and many persons were happy about that because they were happy with SGL.

"Keeping the grimoire up to date, working, and growing was mission critical for establishing SGL as a popular distribution for general use. Chuck S. Mead offered to lead the grimoire group in intercepting, reviewing, and correcting spells. At this time there were about 200 contributed spells waiting for review that Kyle declared as a priority.

"CSM first renamed the Grimoire Group to the Grimoire Audit Group to create the illusion of work. Although CSM along with everyone who agreed to help him had access to SGL's CVS no corrected spells were produced. CSM used his appointed position to influence the core members. CSM contributed nothing to SGL, while he sowed the seeds of dissension...."

Initial Story

"This is a reply to 'The History of the GNU Linux Distribution Called Sorcerer, short version' as recently posted at sorcery.wox.org, the original url of the SGL homepage, and a page presumably run by Kyle Sallee, SGL's creator. I regard that document as a classic piece of FUD, and this reply is meant to counter that. I will reply to the key points of the document, but not to everything that is said. Hopefully this will help dispel (no pun intended ;) ) some of the confusion that this document is clearly intending to create.

"Before I continue, I want to note that we have no confirmation that these are the words of Kyle. In fact, I have reason to believe that they are not. I also want to note that I have great respect for what Kyle has achieved with SGL, which is why I have pushed so hard to keep it going. This is not meant as a response to Kyle, or to insult Kyle. It is meant only as a response to the posted page, so that we can put this behind us and continue on with the amazing progress we have made. Also note that these are purely my thoughts, replies, and beliefs. I speak only for myself, and not for any of the current SGL team members..."

Rebuttal Article

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