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LinuxUser Issue 18 Released

Apr 06, 2002, 01:00 (17 Talkback[s])

LinuxUser Issue 18

Editorial 61k
It's amazing how many press releases we get singing the praises of Linux which are formatted in Microsoft's ubiquitous but secret and proprietary Word format, says Trevor Parsons. We do possess the technology to decipher these communications, but could the PR industry be encouraged to put their message over in, dare we say it, a slightly more professional manner?

Cover feature - Totally wired 185k
IBM, Microsoft and Sun can agree on at least one thing: Web Services are the next big thing. Richard Hillesley weighs up the big boys' strategies, examines the widespread security concerns, and discusses where Linux and open source fit in.

Real life Linux - Coming in from the cold 80k
If the US National Security Agency knows anything, it's information security. Richard Hillesley eavesdrops on the superspooks' scheme to develop their own security enhancements to Linux

Biztalk 33k
It's time small businesses wised up to the fact that there are now viable server platforms that offer less expensive, more reliable, scalable options than the 'industry standard', says Stephen Jay, managing director of Hansa Business Solutions

Open personalities - Telsa Gwynne, the distaff diarist 103k
Married to one of the top Linux kernel hackers she may be, but this woman is living proof that you don't have to be a programmer, or even male, to make your mark in the world of free software. We follow up last issue's interview with kernel king Alan Cox by talking to his partner Telsa Gwynne about her involvement in the GNOME desktop project

The Knowledge 43k
Basic File Management,the latest Linux Training Materials Project module, may not give you tingles of nervous anticipation, but the variety of options available in everyday techniques and utilities could provide a few surprises. PLUS our updated monthly directory of Linux training providers

Reviews - Products and projects 149k
Rated and reviewed this month: Grsecurity's security enhancement patches for 2.4 kernels; the fascinating and powerful Bochs x86 emulator; a real piece of Swiss quality from Lightning Instrumentation in the form of the Multicom SpeedSurf router/firewall; Gordano's GLMail for Linux, based on the popular Windows email server NTMail; and another top notch professional distribution release from SuSE

Books 59k
Latest additions to LinuxUser's library stacks: Advanced Linux Programming's real world coding; TCP/IP And Linux Protocol Implementation's brief life of a packet; Learning The UNIX Operating System's simple explanations of common commands; early adopter Beehive's Book Of Zope; and Understanding Open Source Software Development's complex analysis of the phenomenon

Free Software Matters 42k
The developers of GNU, Linux, X and WINE are Redmond's real competition, says Eben Moglen, so Microsoft's lawyers have carefully twisted the anti-trust settlement to make sure free software won't benefit. But the proposed remedy has provoked far more public comment that either Redmond or the Department of Justice ever expected

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