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Samba.org: Samba 2.2.5 Released

Jun 20, 2002, 03:00 (9 Talkback[s])


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The Samba Team is proud to announce the release of Samba 2.2.5. This is
the latest stable release of Samba. This is the version that all
production Samba servers should be running for all current bug-fixes. See
the Release notes that follow.

Binary packages for various platforms are available (or soon will be)
from samba.org in /pub/samba/Binary_Packages/

One item that got left out of the 2.2.4 release notes (and 2.2.5 sadly)  
is the support of both Ukrainian KOI8-U and CP1251 encodings.  Both use
the "client code = 1125". However, KOI8-U uses "character set = KOI8-U"
and CP1251 uses "character set = 1251". 

Thanks again to every who helped out on this release.

If you think you have found a bug please email a report to :


As always, all bugs are our responsibility.

The Samba Team

              WHAT'S NEW IN Samba 2.2.5  - 18th June 2002

This is the latest stable release of Samba. This is the version that all
production Samba servers should be running for all current bug-fixes.

There have been several fixes and internal enhancements which include:

* Several compile fixes for Solaris and HP-UX
* More printing fixes for Windows NT/2k/XP clients
* New options for the VFS recycle bin library
* New internal signal handling semantics relating to directory change
  notification and oplocks

New/Changed parameters in 2.2.5

For more information on these parameters, see the man pages for

Added/changed parameters

* block size = <INTEGER>
* force unknown acl user = <boolean>
* mangling method = [hash|hash2]

Deprecated Parameters

The following parameters have been marked as deprecated and will be removed
in Samba 3.0

* strip dot
* status

Removed Parameters


Changes in 2.2.5

See the cvs log for SAMBA_2_2 for more details

1)  Removal of several compiler warnings, incorrect Makefile dependencies,
    and wrong autoconf tests on various platforms--Solaris & HP-UX 10.20
    being the predominantly reported platforms
2)  Fixed winbindd crash bug on the IBM s390 running Linux
3)  Inclusion of enhanced Linux quota support
4)  Correctly link against Sun LDAP libraries on Solaris 8 (even through
    there is no apparent SSL support there)
5)  POSIX conformance patches
6)  Include new configure --enable-cups option (can also be disabled even
    if CUPS libraries are installed on the system)
7)  Set reasonable default for the "passwd program" parameter using an
    autoconf test
8)  Added --with-winbind-auth for enabling winbindd_pam_auth_crap() code
9)  fixed bug to prevent root account from being deleted by the
    "delete user script"
10) Inclusion of autoconf script for building VFS modules
11) Add new run time options to the VFS recycle bin library (see
    examples/VFS/recycle/README for details)
12) Include findsmb perl script as part of the "make install" process
13) Return correct error code for EnumPrinters(PRINTER_ENUM_REMOTE, InfoLevel1)
    to fix a bug where printers appear at the workgroup level in the Windows
    NT/2k APW browse list
14) Added support to nmblookup to return NMB flags (See nmblookup(8) for
15) Fix length bug that caused password changes from Windows NT/2k clients to
    occasionally fail
16) Correct false password expiration when using --with-ldapsam caused by
    missing attributes in the directory
17) added -S option to smbpasswd for storing the SID of a domain controller
    as the local machine SID in secrets.tdb.  See the smbpasswd(8) man page
    for details.
18) Various fixes for UNIX CIFS extensions commands
19) Fixed CIDR notation in "hosts allow/deny"
20) Change semantics of an idle connection to mean "no open files and no
    open handles".  We cannot idle a connection if there are open named
    pipe handles.  This fixes scalability problem on Samba print servers
    and NT/2k clients introduced in 2.2.4
21) Fix germam umlaut problem when returning ACL entries
22) Return NT_STATUSOBJECT_NAMENOT_FOUND for ENOENT.  This fixes the bug
    of running the Microsoft Access executable (msaccess.exe) and database
    files from a Samba share documented in the 2.2.4 release
23) Corrected signal handling relating to directory change notification and
    kernel oplocks
24) Fix bug in unix_to_nt_time() that appeared on files dated close to Daylight
    Savings Time
25) Corrected alignment bug in spoolss parsing code which caused Win2k/XP
    clients not to be able to view printer properties from a Samba host
26) Fixed spoolss parsing bug causing printing from ACT! 2000 running on
    Windows 2k/XP clients to fail
27) Fixed incorrect error check in mod_share_entry()
28) Allow %S variable in MS-DFS root paths
29) Correct a bug regarding the use of 'wbinfo -A'
30) Fixed libnss_wins.so to correctly work on RedHat 7.3 systems
31) Store the key for a name-to-sid cache entry in upper case rather than
    whatever case the request was made in.  This gets rid of duplicate
    cache entries.
32) Fix bug causing the pid stored in winbindd's pid file to be the wrong id
33) Enhanced error reporting messages of wbinfo
34) Parameterize block size on disk size return
35) Added new parameter to allow incoming ACLs to have owner and group forced
    to the currently logged in user. This fixes the XCOPY /O problem
36) Fixed bug in local_change_password() caused by reusing a struct
    passwd* pointer
37) Change default value for "ldap port" to 389 if "ldap ssl = no"
38) Updated HOWTO's, manpages, and general documentation....
39) Allow root as well as domain admins to open an LDAP connection
40) Fixed veto files bug with ".*"
41) Fixed uninitialized variable bug in smbpasswd that was causing a random
    IP address to be used in the connection when joining a domain
42) Fix for joining a domain with a netbios name of 15 characters and
    pre-creating the account on the DC
43) Added links to new documentation on SWAT welcome page

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