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Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- Issue #70

Dec 02, 2002, 03:00 (0 Talkback[s])
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               Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter

             Issue #70  Thursday, 28 November 2002


Welcome to the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter -- dedicated to 
keeping you up-to-date with the latest Mandrake-related news & info.

In this issue:
  • Company Announcement: MandrakeSoft welcomes new CEO
  • Product Special: 10% discount on MYSQL products & services
  • Mandrake in the News: Mandrake 9.0 speeds into the installation lead
  • MandrakeClub: Celebrating one year anniversary!
  • Business Case of the Week: Swingin' with Mandrake
  • Newsletter Notice: Upcoming changes
  • This Week's Survey: Where is your web server hosted?
  • Software Updates: python, samba, kde
  • Headlines from MandrakeForum

Company Announcement
François Bancilhon joins MandrakeSoft as new CEO.
MandrakeSoft is happy to announce that founder and former CEO of O2 
Technology François Bancilhon has been appointed the new Chief 
Executive Officer of MandrakeSoft. Co-Founder Jacques Le Marois remains 
as Chairman and President of the company. François Bancilhon's main 
focus will be to increase MandrakeSoft's business and profitability 
while maintaining a high-level of technology commitment in the Linux 
and Open Source arena.

Please join us in welcoming François Banchilon to the MandrakeSoft team.

Product Special
Special "End of the year" offer from MySQL.
MySQL AB, the company behind the MySQL database, is offering Mandrake 
Newsletter subscribers a special "End of the year MySQL offer".

MySQL AB provides various technical support options, from e-mail to 
24x7 telephone support, as well as training courses and consulting 
services worldwide. Check out MySQL's offerings and order online today 
where you will receive an immediate 10% discount off standard prices!*
You'll also have the opportunity to register for the first MySQL Users Conference and Expo ever.

* Offer valid until December 31st 2002 on the MySQL AB offering except
the Premium technical support level, and not cumulative with other promotions.

Mandrake in the News
LinuxWorld.com -- Mandrake 9.0 speeds into the installation lead.
LinuxWorld's Joe Barr thoroughly reviews the Mandrake Linux 9.0 
installer (from a technical perspective) in Part 4 in his comparison 
between Windows and Linux:

"A new champ... 
The pluses for Mandrake install are its speed and the absolute ease of 
obtaining and applying updates. It completely obliterates the Windows 
contenders in both the update category and the installation of attached 
devices. Although the speed of the Mandrake update is much more a 
factor of the download size, it is also easier to perform than the Red 
Hat update process.

Furthermore, the default installation included not one but two 
graphical environments, and both seem to work exactly as intended. On 
the issue of Office Suites, the Mandrake 9.0 PowerPack install left me 
with both Open Office 1.0 and Star Office 6.0. On the basis of those 
pluses, and the sheer speed of the process, Mandrake 9.0 nudges Red Hat 
8.0 out of first place in the derby."

MandrakeClub celebrates one year anniversary.
Twelve months ago, MandrakeClub was introduced as a way for Mandrake 
enthusiasts to help financially support the distribution. Today, a full 
year later, the entire staff at MandrakeSoft would like to thank each 
and every member who has joined the Club over the past twelve months.

Since November 2001, MandrakeClub has introduced an impressive 
collection of valuable services and privileges for its members. We 
would like to extend an invitation to all Mandrake users who have not 
yet joined the Club to become a member and be a part of something 
important and beneficial for all.

Not yet a Mandrake Club member? To learn more, please visit:

Business Case of the Week
Swingin' with Mandrake!
Romance.ucam.org is a society for single members of Cambridge 
University - it's fun, free, and very popular. A sister society in 
Oxford (OxfordRomance.org.uk) runs the same code on the same server (a 
Dual PIII, 1GHz with 1.5GB RAM).

The site was initially implemented on MS IIS, using ASP and the Access 
database on Win2K, but the administrator writes: "I rewrote the site to 
use PHP (thanks a lot to asp2php for doing much of the conversion). We 
use PostgreSQL, Apache, and Mandrake Linux 8.2. PHP is a joy to work 
with, and I was amazed by the extent to which it all 'just worked' out 
of the box. Nice one, Mandrake! Since then, the site has almost run 
itself - the only interruptions we get are due to power outages! An 
additional benefit is that we saved £1100 by not paying for Micro$oft's 
inferior, unstable bugware!"

For many more examples of Mandrake in the workplace, see MandrakeBizCases.com.

Newsletter Notice
This issue of the Mandrake Linux Community Newsletter will be the final 
weekly version -- from now on, the newsletter will be distributed twice 
a month. We'll be back on December 12th with a new issue and the 
availability of an HTML version for readers who prefer a nicely 
formatted newsletter.

This Week's Survey
Where is your web server hosted?
  • I don't have any
  • Here at home
  • At work
  • Parked at my ISP

Cast your vote in the Voting Booth and check the results.

Software Updates
9.0 software updates have been released for:
  • python -- fixes local arbitrary code execution vulnerability
  • samba -- fixes potential root compromise
  • initscripts -- fixes wireless problems
  • kdenetwork -- fixes remote command execution vulnerabilities
  • kdelibs -- fixes remote command execution vulnerabilities

View the complete list at MandrakeSecure.net.

Headlines from MandrakeForum
NYI.net: A really Mandrake-friendly ISP :-)
Deno talks about an Internet Service Provider that will happily host 
your site(s) on Mandrake Linux. With a bit of luck, he will try to 
secure a special deal for MandrakeClub members in a few days.

Really Slick Screensavers.
'fischerz' posts a link to some of the nicest screensavers available on 
the net... and a Mandrake package is already available.

'Fun with Mandrake PowerPack 9.0' on OSDN.
Robin 'Roblimo' Miller posted a nice review of the Mandrake PowerPack 
on NewsForge. Robin notes the 'quirks' found in Mandrake offerings and 
offers some of tips that apply mostly to new users.

Read these and other stories at MandrakeForum.

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