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AbiWord 1.1.4 Released

Mar 26, 2003, 20:30 (6 Talkback[s])

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[ Thanks to Martin Sevior for this link. ]

This version of AbiWord is basically feature-complete for the final 2.0. It offers substantial new features and tons of bug fixes over 1.1.3.

It can be downloaded from

Many people find it stable enough enough for everyday use but we really want lots of testing. Please report any bugs found to

We have built binaries for Windows, QNX, and Red Hat 8.0 GTK-only. We have an excellent Gnome 2.2 port but we have not made a binary for it because Red Hat 9 with its Gnome 2.2 features are not released yet. To build it you'll need Gnome 2.2 plus gal 1.99 or later.

Among the highlights since 1.1.3:

  • Layout of text is now fully independent of resolution. We guarantee 100% WYSIWYG at all zoom levels and for printed documents. - Pat Lam, Dom
  • Glade and HIGification of dialogs - Marc Maurier
  • QNX specific fixes for new layout code - Johann Bjork
  • Win32 specific fixes for new layout code - Jordi Mass
  • Fully editable Footnotes and Endnotes - Martin
  • Text selection now uses theme colour - Dom
  • Text selection uses dark colour - Tomas Frydich
  • A huge number of C => C++ casts fixed - Andrew Dunbar
  • Major selection and motion speed ups - Martin
  • Gnome 2.2 port fully functional again - Dom (needs Gnome2 libraries)
  • Drag and drop from Nautilus works - Dom
  • Gnome-print works - Dom
  • Copy and paste (X)HTML from moz, evolution to AbiWord -Dom
  • Print Justified text on Unix and Gnome - Dom
  • Embeddable bonobo Control ported to Gnome 2 - Dom, Martin
  • Contextual help for QNX - Johann Bjork
  • QNX uses utf-8 for all strings - Johann Bjork
  • XFT - fontconfig fixes - Joaquin Cuenca Abela
  • Documentation updates - David Chart
  • Translation coordination and verification - Pierre Abbat, Rui M. Silva Seabra
  • Build system fixes and improvements - Francis J. Franklin, Mark Gilbert
  • Improved (X)HTML import/export - Francis J. Franklin
  • Various OSX port improvements and fixes - hub
  • Grab and drag table lines and controls - Martin
  • Windows Build fixes - Jeremy Davis, Michael Pritchet
  • XML fixes - Jeremy Davis
  • AWN insanity and local drug supply - E.A. Zen
  • Word Perfect import/export - Will Lachance, Marc Maurier
  • rpm spec file fixes - Rui M. Silva Seabra
  • Tons of bugfixes and mem leaks plugged - Dom, Martin, Pat, Hub, Jordi, Jesper, Jeremy Davis, Mikey Cooper, SamTH, Michael Pritchet, Rui M. Silva Seabra, Tomas Fridych, Francis J. Franklin

New and updated translations

German - Christian Neumair
Malay - Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan
Japanese - Masayuki Hatta
Yiddish - Raphael Finkel
Chinese - Anthony Fok
Amharic - Daniel Yacob
Mexican Spanish - Nikolai Vladychevski
Portugese - Rui M. Silva Seabra
Galician - Ramon Flores
Dutch - Marc Maurier
French - Pierre Abbat

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