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AbiWord 1.1.4 Released

Mar 26, 2003, 20:30 (6 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to Martin Sevior for this link. ]

This version of AbiWord is basically feature-complete for the final 2.0. It offers substantial new features and tons of bug fixes over 1.1.3.

It can be downloaded from http://www.abisource.com

Many people find it stable enough enough for everyday use but we really want lots of testing. Please report any bugs found to http://bugzilla.abisource.com

We have built binaries for Windows, QNX, and Red Hat 8.0 GTK-only. We have an excellent Gnome 2.2 port but we have not made a binary for it because Red Hat 9 with its Gnome 2.2 features are not released yet. To build it you'll need Gnome 2.2 plus gal 1.99 or later.

Among the highlights since 1.1.3:

  • Layout of text is now fully independent of resolution. We guarantee 100% WYSIWYG at all zoom levels and for printed documents. - Pat Lam, Dom
  • Glade and HIGification of dialogs - Marc Maurier
  • QNX specific fixes for new layout code - Johann Bjork
  • Win32 specific fixes for new layout code - Jordi Mass
  • Fully editable Footnotes and Endnotes - Martin
  • Text selection now uses theme colour - Dom
  • Text selection uses dark colour - Tomas Frydich
  • A huge number of C => C++ casts fixed - Andrew Dunbar
  • Major selection and motion speed ups - Martin
  • Gnome 2.2 port fully functional again - Dom (needs Gnome2 libraries)
  • Drag and drop from Nautilus works - Dom
  • Gnome-print works - Dom
  • Copy and paste (X)HTML from moz, evolution to AbiWord -Dom
  • Print Justified text on Unix and Gnome - Dom
  • Embeddable bonobo Control ported to Gnome 2 - Dom, Martin
  • Contextual help for QNX - Johann Bjork
  • QNX uses utf-8 for all strings - Johann Bjork
  • XFT - fontconfig fixes - Joaquin Cuenca Abela
  • Documentation updates - David Chart
  • Translation coordination and verification - Pierre Abbat, Rui M. Silva Seabra
  • Build system fixes and improvements - Francis J. Franklin, Mark Gilbert
  • Improved (X)HTML import/export - Francis J. Franklin
  • Various OSX port improvements and fixes - hub
  • Grab and drag table lines and controls - Martin
  • Windows Build fixes - Jeremy Davis, Michael Pritchet
  • XML fixes - Jeremy Davis
  • AWN insanity and local drug supply - E.A. Zen
  • Word Perfect import/export - Will Lachance, Marc Maurier
  • rpm spec file fixes - Rui M. Silva Seabra
  • Tons of bugfixes and mem leaks plugged - Dom, Martin, Pat, Hub, Jordi, Jesper, Jeremy Davis, Mikey Cooper, SamTH, Michael Pritchet, Rui M. Silva Seabra, Tomas Fridych, Francis J. Franklin

New and updated translations

German - Christian Neumair
Malay - Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan
Japanese - Masayuki Hatta
Yiddish - Raphael Finkel
Chinese - Anthony Fok
Amharic - Daniel Yacob
Mexican Spanish - Nikolai Vladychevski
Portugese - Rui M. Silva Seabra
Galician - Ramon Flores
Dutch - Marc Maurier
French - Pierre Abbat

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