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Linux Journal: Quality of Surfing: An Intermediate Level HowTo

Apr 25, 2003, 00:00 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Glenn Stone)

"How many of us poor blighters on 56K (or even DSL) have been dinking away on an SSH session when all of a sudden the connection seems to lag? The data lights on the modem indicate furious activity. And then we notice it--the spousal unit or the child process is busy sucking down some huge web page, hogging our connections. You'd feel bad telling them to lay off for a bit; besides, having their own machines sharing your Internet feeds keeps them out of your hair, right? Well, not exactly. If they've got the bandwidth that means you don't. And, there's always the question of glomming the latest ISO off the Pink Tie mirror or the new trailer for Hollywood's latest attempt at converting a comic book into several million dollars worth of popcorn revenues. One would love to see it real soon now, without waiting until the dinner hour when no one is on to dedicate the bit-pipe. Or, even better, perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who actually can run a server from home these days, and you just made Slashdot. Uh-oh. Now you'll never get anything done.

"Not to worry, you're running Linux. There are ways of fixing this situation, but you'll need to clog the bit-pipe one last time. You're going to need the kernel source and any dependencies, as well as the iproute package. You also need to know how to recompile the kernel. Much about this topic has been written elsewhere; go Google for the Linux Kernel HOWTO if you need more information..."

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