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Five SCO v. IBM Articles See Difficulties Ahead... For SCO

Jun 30, 2003, 16:00 (25 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Eben Moglen, Nicholas Petreley, Otis Port, Candice Goodwin)

FSF.org: FSF Statement on SCO v. IBM

"The lawsuit brought by the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) against IBM has generated many requests for comment by FSF. The Foundation has refrained from making official comments on the litigation because only the plaintiff's allegations have been reported; comment on unverified allegations would ordinarily be premature. More disturbing than the lawsuit itself, however, have been public statements by representatives of SCO, which have irresponsibly suggested doubts about the legitimacy of free software overall. These statements require response.

"SCO's lawsuit asserts that IBM has breached contractual obligations between the two companies, and also that IBM has incorporated trade secret information concerning the design of the UNIX operating system into what SCO calls generally 'Linux.' This latter claim has recently been expanded in extra-judicial statements by SCO employees and officers to include suggestions that 'Linux' includes material copied from UNIX in violation of SCO's copyrights. An allegation to this effect was contained in letters apparently sent by SCO to 1500 of the world's largest companies warning against use of free software on grounds of possible infringement liability..."

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InformIT: SCO and Justice

[ Thanks to Nicholas Petreley for this link. ]

"Two questions come to mind as I approach the topic of SCO and its ongoing anti-Linux jihad. Where do I start, and when will it all end?

"I should start with the recent revelations about the so-called evidence against IBM. There is new information that at least some of the most important common source code between Linux and SCO UNIX actually originated with Sequent..."

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BusinessWeek: Commentary: Will This Feud Choke the Life Out of Linux?

" The $1 billion lawsuit that SCO Group (SCOX ) Inc. filed against IBM in March is turning into something akin to water torture. Every few weeks, there's a new allegation or announcement from the tiny Lindon (Utah) software company, provoking fears that it will enforce its intellectual property rights against sellers of the Linux computer operating system.

"Enough already. True, SCO should be free to protect its software, in this case core pieces of the Unix operating system upon which Linux is based. But its relentless approach to this case could cause irreparable harm to Linux--slowing or even halting its adoption by corporations..."

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ComputerWeekly: Fear and Doubt Won't Stop the March of Linux

"SCO's lawsuit against IBM and concerns about security have failed to dampen enterprise users' enthusiasm for the open-source software.

"Once an outsider in the server OS race, Linux is now 'a mainstream choice for many infrastructure workloads,' according to research firm IDC, which predicts annual growth rates of 28% for the open-source operating system over the next three years..."

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Reuters/Boston Herald: IBM Lawsuit Expenses Can Hurt SCO

"Executives at SCO Group Inc. are preparing for a battle against International Business Machines Corp. that could result in more legal fees than it can afford...

"'The trial may go on a number of years, and we are prepared to do so,' said Chris Sontag, a senior vice president in charge of SCO's Unix licensing efforts..."

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