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Editor's Note: Well It's Our Birthday Too--Yeah

Sep 28, 2005, 17:30 (12 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Brian Proffitt)

Seven lucky years.

Exactly seven years ago, this very day, the first post for Linux Today graced the Internet. And now, despite obstacles and our own stumbles, we are still here, the strongest Linux news site in the world.

If that is read with a certain amount of pride, then today, on this day, I ask to be forgiven, especially since the pride is not just for me. Managing a news and digest site that runs 24 hours, seven days a week, with nearly half a million page views a day, can sometimes be daunting. But I have not done it alone.

There are many editors who have worked on Linux Today since 1998. Together, they have posted 62,244 stories here. All but me have gone on to other things: some here at Jupitermedia, others on their own paths and projects. Their relationships with LT and myself vary wildly, but I submit this now, on the record: each and every one of them has been an instrumental part in getting Linux Today where it is today, and for that, they have my sincerest thanks and appreciation.

And, as I tell anyone who asks, the reason this site keeps going is not the ads, or the news... it is the readers.

Readers who contribute stories on a daily basis. Readers who respond to articles in the talkbacks. Readers who send me e-mails asking why I ran this story instead of that one or that one of our links has malfunctioned. Positive and negative, it's all the same. It is the readers that have the true influence on what stories get posted and what stories get followed. Maybe that's not the best journalism, but I think it's the best way to run a Web site.

The amount of sheer content out on the Web makes running Linux Today at once simple and difficult. Simple because it is ridiculously easy to find articles related to Linux, free software, or open source software. Difficult because it's hard to find the good ones that say something new. So it helps, always, to have reader input on content. That way Linux Today isn't about one editor's viewpoint.

What makes this birthday milestone that much more appealing is that I know full well that readers have choices in where they get their news and information from. Given the gamut of sites to obtain Linux news, I consider us that much more fortunate that you have all still continued to visit Linux Today.

As I usually do on these milestones, I leave you with a list of the Top 25 Linux Today stories to date, and my fondest hope that we will see the next seven years together.

Brian Proffitt
Managing Editor
Linux Today

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