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PR: CAELinux: An Open Source LiveDVD for Computer Aided Engineering/Finite Element

Nov 20, 2005, 21:00 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to J.Cugnoni for this link. ]

Do you wish that one day you could get rid of all these excessively expensive engineering / simulation softwares and forget the "I-don't-know-what-is-in-the-black-box" nightmare? You think that this dream will never come true? But you are wrong: one solution already exists and it's called CAELinux: an open source LiveDVD distribution dedicated to professionnal computer-aided engineering & finite element simulations. Now, you need just to insert the CAELinux LiveDVD in your computer to turn it into a professionnal CAE workstation in five minutes: no installation required, no licence fees!

Based on the open-source CAE softwares Salomé & Code_Aster, you can load your CAD geometry (STEP/IGES) in Salomé and start partitionning and meshing your problem in just five minutes. Then you can simulate incredibly complexe physics with the "nuclear application" certified FE solver Code_Aster: non-linear thermo-mechanics, coupled fluid-structure dynamics, sismic / non-linear explicit dynamics, contacts, visco-plasticity, in other words all that you could imagine can be simulated with Code_Aster! Then reload your results files in Salomé to post-process your data in 3D... And don't forget all these features are based on open-source / free softwares, so now you don't have to pay for excessively expensive licenses. The features / programs included in this first beta release are the following (screenshots):

  • LiveDVD distribution based on PClinuxOS 9
  • Runs directly from the DVD without any installation
  • Optionnal installation to hard disk in 3 easy steps
  • Dedicated to CAE and more specifically to finite element simulation
  • Includes the new 3D pre-/post processor SALOME (GPL, developped by CEA/EDF/EADS, France) and the powerfull finite element solver Code-Aster (GPL, developped by EDF, France)
  • Offers several scientific tools like GNU Octave & Scilab and a full range of developpement tools / compilers.

If you are interested, this new project needs your help to build a strong community of users/testers; so jump here for more information: www.caelinux.com.

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