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Desktop, Patch Management Books Reviewed

Feb 07, 2006, 04:00 (0 Talkback[s])

Free Software Magazine: Just Say No To Microsoft [Review]

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"This book, the contents of which should be evident in the self explanatory title, makes you feel a bit revolutionary. It isn't just the catchy headings, which are clever paraphrasings of song titles and geeky cultural refecences; it's also the air of genuine excitment which permeates the pages, and makes you feel inspired during and after the reading process. I think many people's continuing use of Mircosoft, even when they know about the insecurities, and the bugs, and the horror, is caused by inertia. And this is just the book to get them up and off their swivel chairs! Tony Bove has compiled a book that is informative and easy to read and understand--you start thinking 'hey, migration would be fun! Find me a free software alternative!.' Bove is the author of a companion website, Get Off Microsoft which is an excellent resource package full of links and comparisons to explore for those considering migration..."

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All About Linux: Book Review: Linux Patch Management...

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"Any system or network administrator will know the importance of applying patches to the various software running on their servers be it the numerous bug fixes or upgrades. Now when you are maintaining just a single machine, this is really a simple affair of downloading the patches and applying them on your machine. But what happens when you are managing multiple servers and hundreds of client machines? How do you keep all these machines under your control up to date with the latest bug fixes? Obviously, it is a waste of time and bandwidth to individually download all the patches and security fixes for each machine. This is where this book named 'Linux Patch Management - Keeping Linux systems up to date' authored by Michael Jang gains significance. This book released under the Bruce Perens' open source series aims to address the topic of patch management in detail..."

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