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Standards Debate Continues

Mar 03, 2006, 02:30 (1 Talkback[s])

Sutor: Three Words for Openness: Transparency, Community, and Certainty

"People are sick of not knowing. Not knowing if code contains security problems because they can't see it. Not knowing if their private information is being shared with people to whom they did not give authorization. Not knowing what goes on behind the closed doors of certain standards organizations. Not knowing if vendors are trying to use trade secrets instead of openness to achieve software interoperability. Not knowing why governments would possibly decide to use proprietary or vendor-dictated specifications when they are clearly against the long-term best interests of the citizens, especially those who are now young and will have to deal with decisions made now once they reach adulthood..."

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Matusow: A Kinder, Gentler IBM--At Least It Sounds Good

"Bob's latest posting on 'transparency, community, and certainty' is a good example of this. This posting is a good representation of the IBM stump speech and it is highly polished, yet flawed in many ways.

"In order to get ahead of many of the comments that will certainly come from this posting--Microsoft is not the 'right' and IBM the 'wrong.' We have our faults and our business model results in realities that may be difficult for some customers..."

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