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A Stat-shot of LT Readers

Nov 16, 2007, 23:30 (24 Talkback[s])
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By Brian Proffitt
Managing Editor

It's been a month of introspection on Linux Today, and after examining the type of content you would prefer to see on Linux Today, I thought I would take this opportunity to report back to you who your fellow readers are and what tools they are using to visit this site.

Now, when you read this, I'm sure some of you are going to say "wow, browser X really rocks!" or "that operating system totally kicks butt!"--based on only the numbers that I will be posting here. So, a huge caveat must be issued: we are a Linux site. Therefore people who use Linux and open source technology are bound to come here and visit more than, say, people who have no such interests. Still, I think it's an interesting look into who's dropping by to visit.

First, let's go with browsers. In this category, as you would expect, these percentages--based on number of visits to Linux Today from Nov. 1 to today--are pretty indicative of an open source-lovin' readership:

Top 10 Browser Types (Linux Today)

Browser % of Total Visits
Firefox 76.19%
Internet Explorer 12.82%
Mozilla 6.18%
Opera 3.69%
Safari 0.63%
Camino 0.15%
Konqueror 0.10%
Netscape 0.06%
Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.05%
Galeon 0.05%

As you can see, Firefox is right up there, dominating the list. If you threw in the Mozilla-based stats into one batch, you would have 82.48 percent of the browser visits into LT coming from Mozilla-type browsers. The temptation would be, of course, to say "so much for being dead," or some other snide comment. But again, LT is really an open source destination. To contrast, I gathered a sampling of browser stats from other Jupitermedia editorial division sites, just to compare. Here, the numbers are not so Mozilla-friendly:

Top 10 Browser Types (Jupitermedia Sample)

Browser % of Total Visits
Internet Explorer 59.39%
Firefox 35.90%
Opera 2.25%
Mozilla 1.28%
Safari 0.91%
Netscape 0.10%
Camino 0.10%
Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.01%
(Not Set) 0.01%
Konqueror 0.01%

IE, then, is still in the lead, across a broader range of IT-oriented sites. Mozilla-based browsers are 38.19 percent of the total. While a near 60-40 split is still pretty good, considering IE formerly near-complete dominance of the browser field, these numbers still do not represent the general Internet user populace. These are visitors to Jupitermedia sites, with more than a passing interest, usually, in technology issues. I would suspect that Firefox numbers are lower at more public-oriented domains.

Operating system stats, however, are a bit of a surprise, if you haven't been reading Linux Today talkbacks for a while.

Top 10 Operating Systems (Linux Today)

Operating System % of Total Visits
Windows 49.92%
Linux 46.08%
Macintosh 3.35%
SunOS 0.23%
(Not Set) 0.20%
FreeBSD 0.07%
OpenBSD 0.03%
SymbianOS 0.03%
PalmOS 0.02%
UNIX 0.02%

The Windows lead isn't, actually, a surprise. Many times I see comments from readers that indicate they visit LT while at work, using the Windows systems their employer provides for them. I suspect that's what we're seeing here. For comparison, here are the Jupitermedia figures:

Top 10 Operating Systems (Jupitermedia)

Operating System % of Total Visits
Windows 90.87%
Linux 6.14%
Macintosh 2.70%
(Not Set) 0.17%
SunOS 0.07%
FreeBSD 0.03%
Playstation 3 0.01%
Danger Hiphop 0.01%
SymbianOS 0.01%
Nintendo Wii < 0.00%

Linux is not running so high here, though curiously higher than the Mac systems. In all fairness, I suspect this is because Jupitermedia doesn't have a large Mac technology site presence, and Linux Today is a highly visited site in our editorial division.

There is no real revelation to these browser and OS numbers. As I wrote earlier, I think its interesting in and of itself to see what everyone is using while visiting Linux Today and other technology-related sites. I will not go out and venture that there is any kind of trend out in the rest of the world--you can draw your own conclusions from these figures.

One of the things I really love to see is where everyone is visiting from. Here are the top 10 countries visitors to Linux Today are surfing in from:

Top 10 Visiting Nations (Linux Today)

Nation % of Total Visits
United States 46.56%
Canada 7.08%
United Kingdom 6.26%
Germany 3.14%
Netherlands 2.92%
Australia 2.87%
France 2.06%
Sweden 1.74%
Finland 1.66%
Italy 1.50%

Within the US, the top 10 visiting states break down like so:

Top 10 Visiting US States (Linux Today)

State % of US Visits
California 13.93%
Texas 7.77%
New York 5.83%
Illinois 4.61%
Florida 4.38%
Massachusetts 3.98%
Virginia 3.32%
North Carolina 3.23%
Pennsylvania 3.17%
Washington 3.01%

I'd known that California readership was pretty high. The Texas numbers surprised me a little bit, though looking at the numbers coming out of Houston, Austin, and Dallas explains a lot.

Finally, which cities' residents visit Linux Today the most? I leave you with the top 10 world and US cities visiting this site (my own hometown ranked 298th in the world, just to show I'm not stuffing the ballot box too much):

Top 10 Visiting Cities (Linux Today)

Rank World US
1 London New York
2 Sydney Houston
3 New York Minneapolis
4 Paris Portland
5 Houston San Francisco
6 Helsinki Chicago
7 Singapore Austin
8 Dublin Denver
9 Melbourne Dallas
10 Oslo Seattle