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KDE, OOXML, and "Schisms"

Dec 20, 2007, 15:15 (8 Talkback[s])

Linux.com: KOffice's Stance Against OOXML More Practical than Political, Developer Says

"In the recent accusations that the GNOME Foundation has been supporting Microsoft's OOXML format at the expense of ODF, KDE has been presented as a counter-example. Based on a KDE News article, Richard Stallman suggested that 'major KDE developers' had announced 'their rejection of OOXML' and urged GNOME to do the same. More recently, a widely linked story on ITWire used the same article to declare that KDE has taken a 'principled stand' against OOXML. However, if you go the source, the story is more nuanced than these claims suggest.

"True, KOffice--not KDE, which is a separate project--will not be implementing OOXML in a hurry, and part of the reason is political. However, the decision is also a practical one, and KOffice has not rejected the possibility of supporting OOXML in the future..."

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aseigo: Dear Glyn Moody

"Dear Glyn Moody:

"I found how you trotted out an age old and long since dealt with issue, namely the licensing of Qt1, as a way to discuss what you consider to be 'the growing tensions between the KDE and GNOME camps; to be tasteless and ironic. If you want to help mend fences (we need all the hands we can get), the last thing to do is drag long-since dealt with issues that have been irrelevant for years back to the surface..."

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