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Mar 04, 2008, 17:00 (10 Talkback[s])
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One week from today will be the sixth anniversary of my tenure as Managing Editor of Linux Today, so the timing is good that this story, the one you are reading right now, is the 80,000th article posted on LT.

80,000 articles in 3,445 days of this publication's existence. If I may be permitted a small moment of self congratulation, I think that's a pretty good job of linking to the business and community news for the Linux community in the last 79,999 articles. All of the editors at LT have tried to provide new insights, new ways of thinking, and fast information about this operating system that Linus Torvalds and his merry band of developers have put together, and as always we have you, our readership, to thank for being there with us.

I remember when, not so long ago, Linux used to be referred to as the "upstart" operating system. I don't hear that anymore. Now I hear terms like "disruptive," "mainstream," or "cutting edge." There are still derisions about Linux--from within and without the community--but it is obvious to anyone fortunate enough to have a front-row seat for the history of Linux that this is a technology that is making great strides in delivering what all tech users need.

I have been, for nearly the last six years, that man who was fortunate enough to be in the front-row seat. And what a view it has been: the growth of Red Hat in IT, the continued support of IBM, the conversion of Novell into a Linux company (followed by a partnership with an avowed enemy of Linux), the Utah lawsuit that tried to tax Linux forever and that company's ignominious downfall assisted by one paralegal and a blog. The open sourcing of StarOffice; the rise of the Ubuntus and the LiveCD distros... I know I am only scratching the surface of the many events that have happened to Linux in the last 79,999 articles.

If you'd asked me back in March of 2002 about the possibility of these events, I may have told you that such things would likely not happen. But if there's one thing I have learned in this job, it's this: when I wake up and start working in the early morning hours, I must always expect the unexpected. Because nothing about Linux, free software, or open source software is limited by the conventional expectations of business or technology. Linux exceeds limitations. It does the unexpected.

Whether it's a scheduler in the kernel, or a sharp new 3D desktop interface, the components of this operating system have always proven to be better than anyone could have expected. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

In my time at LT, I have posted 38,208 of those 80,000 stories, so I am fortunate to be the longest-running and most prolific editor at LT to date. That said, I could not do any of this without the wonderful support of Contributing Editor Carla Schroder, an excellent writer who also fills in for me when I step away from the office grind once in a while. My former supervisor, Gus Venditto, has always given me a free hand with the management of LT and the other Linux/Open Source sites I run at Jupitermedia. Gus was recently promoted to Sr. VP at Jupitermedia, a much-deserved step up. My new supervisor, Dan Muse, will be giving me the same amount of latitude. Their confidence in me means a great deal.

I would be remiss if I did not take the time to thank the past editors of and contributors to LT, the people that have built this site that I am lucky enough to manage now.

I don't often mention them, save for the occasional geek-meets-family-life anecdote, but I wanted to also mention the great love and support I get from my wife and two daughters. It's not always easy running multiple Web sites seven days a week, and without their help, I can assure you that LT would not be the publication it is today.

Thank you as always, LT readers, for coming here every day to see what's happening in the world of Linux. Your feedback and input has helped me shape the content into what I hope really is the best Linux news/aggregate site on the Internet.

(For those of you who are interested, I am adding the sometimes-requested top 10 most-read and most-discussed story lists that usually appear on these milestones.)

On to 90,000...


Brian Proffitt
Managing Editor
Linux Today

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