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Things To Know Before Using Linux

Aug 18, 2008, 02:01 (6 Talkback[s])

"Using Linux is easy ! Its becoming more and more user friendly with the introduction of new software and technologies, and with the support of huge companies like Intel, AMD , Adobe, Goggle , I am sure Linux will surpass other OS in terms of software/driver base and usability.. Though there are certain points you must know :

"Linux is not windows..
Do no panic.. Yes most people mess things by taking restless decision..
.exe files will not work in Linux.
Filesystem/Partitions do not need fragmentation as Linux file system do not allow fragmentation of files while copying ..
Every partition in Windows are detected/displayed as separate Medium that's why its easy to name the disk, while in Linux partitions are displayed as sub-directories thats why its sometimes hard to recall the partition .. You can re-name partitions using ntfsprog for NTFS, e2label for ext2/3, jfs_tune for jfs, xfs_admin for xfs..
Till date there are no Viruses for Linux therefore you don't have to install any Anti Virus software in Linux"

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