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Screw popularity. Just make yourself useful.

Jan 09, 2009, 23:03 (1 Talkback[s])

"That's what I want out of Twitter. Not just to be the waist in an hourglass where a pile of god-knows-what flows from Following to Followers.

"The situation with Twitter reminds me of that silly ad where Verizon workers follow around a cell phone customer like a herd of bison, led by one guy who says nothing. Hey, the customer doesn't need a shepherd with a flock of techies. He needs somebody to pick up the phone when he calls for support. Don't tell him to go to some website, or to "listen closely because our menu has changed", or to navigate a maze of choices, all intended to deflect the call to a recording rather than a human being with a relevant competency. As for "the network", all he wants is for the damn thing to work. (I've used them all, and Verizon's is the best in the U.S., no doubt about it. Brag on that, Verizon. Use real evidence. Hell, show somebody with an iPhone who can't find a service. That'll stick it to both Apple and AT&T.)"

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