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My first year with Linux

Jan 20, 2009, 19:02 (0 Talkback[s])

"After years of using Windows, I was tired of the upkeep that was involved in maintaining the system. I constantly had to be on guard against viruses and spyware and had to run extra programs just to make sure my system stayed clean and uninfected with such trash. My brother had been telling me about Linux for a couple of years and finally convinced me to try it. The beauty was in the trying. He had a live CD of sidux, which is basically the operating system on a CD that can be booted up and used, without actually installing it on the hard drive. This allowed me to see what the system looked like and get a feel for what it was capable of. That was plus points right off the start. Let's see you try that with Windows. Most Linux distros have live CDs available for download and it really does work. I chose sidux because that is what my brother was using, but there are any number of distros to choose from. A friend of mine over at Preacherpen's Desk uses Mepis and has written extensively about it. My point is, Linux comes in many different flavors, but it boils down to being a system that is easy to use and update and is much more secure than Windows. I don't even have to run antivirus or spyware programs to make sure the system stays safe."

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