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Open Source News from FOSDEM 2009 - Day 2

Feb 18, 2009, 14:04 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Hans Kwint, Sander Marechal)

"Ext4 - Theodore Ts'o

"Theodore started his presentation with an apology. He had prepared a very nice demonstration of ext4 on his laptop but it had been stolen at the train station. Luckily he did have a backup of his presentation, just not the demo.

"He gave a quick overview about the ext3 filesystem and what is so good about it; ext3 is widely used and is pretty much the de facto Linux filesystem. It also has a very diverse developer community with contributors from all the major distributions. That is a bigger point then you would at first assume because until recently Red Had did not officially support the XFS filesystem and it did not have any of its own developers working on it. JFS is a great filesystem but the fact that pretty much all contributors are IBM employees has likely contributed to JFS' lack of success. Big distributions want someone who knows the ins and outs on their own team before they can support something as important as a filesystem and ext3 developers are everywhere.

"The ext3 filesystem has its fair share of problems which ext4 should fix. Currently ext3 filesystems can only be up to 16 TB in size and there is a limit of 32,000 directories. The resolutions of the timestamps on files is only one second and there are performance problems, ext4 fixes all these issues."

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