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Mr. Stallman's Internet: How RMS May Be Looking The Wrong Way At The Internet

Feb 24, 2009, 20:02 (7 Talkback[s])

"* Keep your wireless networks open, so that you will not become an enforcer for an unjust Internet regime.

"My first objection is the keep your wireless networks open part. Its a nice thought, however the first failing point is this leaves your IP address open to any malicious hacker, script kiddie, and pervert who wants to not have whatever they are doing point back to them. Yes, most routers keep logs of the MAC addresses that connect to them, but I challenge anyone to track that back to a mobile computer or device a month or so after the fact. Let's also not discount that it is functionally impossible to secure your computers and internal network from outside access. Why make it easier by granting access to the center of your network in the first place? The mentality of the individual involved is sure to make them try and see just how far they can penetrate.

"There is also the little fact that many in the world live with a bandwidth cap or access charge per whatever time increment is the custom in that area, be it minute, hour, day or so on. This means that the bandwidth and access granted is at that moment my personal possession. I can think of nowhere in the world where personal freedom and liberty, something that RMS espouses, are paid even basic lip service that would require or even ask me to share my possessions with anyone without my consent. To put it another way, I don't leave my garage door open so that anyone can come in and wander off with my tools without my knowledge. The tools were not free, nor is the access, and neither is even remotely duplicable by the common person."

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