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Little Boxes: Audio Production Hardware At Studio Dave

Mar 10, 2009, 00:01 (0 Talkback[s])

"Some caveats: the gear described here is oriented toward music production, not consumer audio requirements. However, Studio Dave is hardly what I would call a professional studio, so please understand that when I use the term "professional", I'm referring to the equipment, not my studio's physical plant. Also, bear in mind that features common to consumer-grade devices might not be found on equipment designed for use in audio production, so if you're looking for the best soundcard for playing MP3s and DVD surround-sound audio, these devices are not likely to be your best solutions. I'll get into the reasons later, but now, let's see what hardware devices I use in my studio and how I'm using them.

"Audio and MIDI Devices
Studio Dave includes two desktop machines dedicated to audio/video production and a notebook for miscellaneous tasks. The desktop boxes are equipped with M-Audio Delta 66 digital I/O systems and Creative Labs SoundBlaster soundcards. The M-Audio systems are slightly different from one another. One box uses a plain-vanilla Delta 66 with only the internal card and an external break-out box that provides jacks for balanced or unbalanced 1/4" plugs (Figure 1). The other machine includes the same internal card, but the break-out box has been replaced by the M-Audio Omni I/O box (Figure 2). This unit furnishes the same audio connectivity as the regular break-out box, adding amenities, such as a mic/line pre-amp, two headphone jacks, and a variety of controls for audio levels and effects sends."

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