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10 ways Microsoft could help Linux

Mar 31, 2009, 03:03 (6 Talkback[s])
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"3: Microsoft Linux
Yes, I am advocating a Microsoft Linux. Why? If Microsoft put its weight behind a Linux distribution, there is no way the enterprise could deny its validity and value. The general public considers anything produced by Microsoft to be synonymous with computing. If Microsoft created its own Linux, then Linux would become a household name. Hardware companies would start creating drivers, and quite possibly, vendors would start pre-installing Linux in serious quantity.

"How is this a win-win situation? Microsoft would be able to SELL its version of Linux. It probably couldn't get the same dollar value it gets out of Windows, but it would get some. And by selling the operating system, Microsoft would be selling support for said operating system. Win-win.

4: Applications
This is where Microsoft could seriously capitalize on Linux. If Microsoft really wanted to help both itself and Linux, it would port its applications to Linux. This would bolster Microsoft sales (all those Linux users would be prompted to purchase Microsoft software), and it would bolster Linux because more people would have final hurdles to adoption removed. If Office, Outlook, Publisher, Money, etc., were ported to Linux, then Linux adoption would soar! And all those copies of Microsoft software aren't given away for free. That’s revenue for Microsoft."

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