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Open Source Haggadah, chapter 2

Apr 10, 2009, 18:33 (0 Talkback[s])

"In 2008, Google, it turned out, followed Rabbi Perlow's advice about mentoring and not controlling the source and released the complete source code to Android, including that of its Dalvik JVM. It's expected that an x86 version of their mobile device OS for use in netbooks and desktop PCs will be hitting the promised land shortly.

"Even to my own dismay, Microsoft broke the "Thou shalt not threaten" commandment early in 2009 with its lawsuit against TomTom. Although it was settled weeks later, and TomTom has dodged the proverbial bullet (or would that be a sling shot?) from both protracted litigation and losing it’s right to use the Linux kernel under the GPL, it has elevated tensions between the Open Source community and the the company, erasing any good will that it had started with its interoperability initiatives, and leaders are calling for initiatives to have FAT32 and any other technologies which Microsoft may use to hold vendors which use Linux hostage replaced with fully open alternatives.

"I would wish ten plagues upon Redmond and the wicked Pharoah Ballmer, but they've already been punished enough with Conficker.C and Windows Vista, and they're about to sacrifice their first born, Windows XP, to the Extended Support false Gods."

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