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More Linux tips every geek should know

Apr 10, 2009, 19:03 (0 Talkback[s])


#24: Duplicate tabs
Everyone knows that Ctrl+T brings up a new tab, but did you also know that Ctrl+Z automatically sets the new tab to have the same URL as the previous tab? It's great for duplicating windows!

#25: Shorter download notices
"YES, I KNOW ALL THE DOWNLOADS FINISHED - GO AWAY!" is a fairly regular mental scream around here. You see, Firefox likes telling you when all downloads are finished by bringing showing a small box in the corner of your screen, happily obscuring anything else you might have down there. Yes, the little download box is useful, but no, we don't need it hanging around there for four seconds - go to the URL about:config in Firefox and change the alerts.totalOpenTime setting to something nice and quick, like 500 (milliseconds, ie half a second).

#26: Firefox profiles
In the old days, running any Mozilla application twice at the same time would usually bring up a silly profile manager screen that didn't seem to make much sense. But with Firefox having a billion-and-one configuration settings that can highly customise your browsing experience, there's finally a real use for the profile manager: you can create one full of tweaks, bookmarks, toolbars and extensions for power browsing, and another RAM-light profile that keeps caching to a minimum and loads a lean and mean Firefox that's great for checking emails and reading the news.

"To get to the profile manager screen, just run Firefox with the -profilemanager parameter, eg mozilla-firefox -profilemanager."

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