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Your Desktop in the Cloud

Apr 20, 2009, 22:02 (0 Talkback[s])

"1) First step is to request a Cloud Appliance from the openQRM Cloud.
Point your browser to https://demo.openqrm.com, login and request a new Cloud Appliance. For this HowTo we have selected an Ubuntu 8.04 Appliance as shown in the screenshot below.

"Now login to the Appliance via ssh (account details are being sent by the openQRM Cloud)

"2) The second step is to install "vncserver" on the Cloud Appliance

"We choosed the "tightvncserver" package available for the requested Ubuntu Cloud Appliance and we also install xorg, vnc4server and gnome

"root@cloud-91-1-x:~# apt-get install tightvncserver vnc4server xorg gnome

"(good time to get a cup of coffee now)

"3) Create a VNC-user

"To create a new (non-root) user for your Cloud Desktop please run the "adduser" command:"

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