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The InNOTvators

Apr 27, 2009, 06:02 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Dean R. Pannell)

""Look, I know it's hard to believe, but you've got to listen. I'm not just some nut case. I used to have a very responsible PR job at Microsoft. I was called SpinLikeaTopSpreadLikeaPlague. They didn't let me keep the namne when I left."

""Ok," I say. I'm dying to dunk my donut, but Dale has a small arsenal and I don't want to die to dunk my donut. "Would you please tell me what the heck you're talking about?"

""Just this: Today's economy depends on computers and computers depend on software. No software, no economy, no innovation. Microsoft's the biggest name in software. They've done pretty well over the years, but now they're in danger." He holds out his hand. In his plam, a single paper clip.

"What's this in my hand and what is it doing"

""It's a paper clip," I say, " and it's doing diddly. So what?"

""Exactly. Before Microsoft, paper clips were boring little pieces of wire. They held paper. Microsoft made them talk, took your mind off the crappy help documentation. Microsoft drives software innovation and they spend a lot of money doing it. Now these InNOTvators are coming in and giving away their software for free. How do you compete with that? And what about DeCSS? What about Napster? Don't you see? It's all part of their plan to dominate the world."

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