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Letter From the Editor: GNOME 3.0

May 02, 2009, 03:02 (3 Talkback[s])

"Let me be the first to say to you, the readers, it's been a long time since the GNOME Journal has published any new issue and to let me formally apologize ... sorry! With that out of the way, let me also welcome any active readers back to the brand new and highly reinvigorated GNOME Journal! As you all know, just like GNOME itself, GNOME Journal is entirely written by volunteers. Nobody gets paid a dime to work on it and so when the number of motivated writers approaches zero, GNOME Journal is very difficult to publish. If you like to write and would like to write a regular column about GNOME, its community, a certain GNOME application, etc., please don't hesitate to volunteer. If you'd like to write an article once, we'll gladly accept that as well.

"Now on to the real topic for my article, the topic that has been a hot topic among the community blogs lately: GNOME 3.0. Just when you thought GNOME was doomed to forever increasing its 2.x release number, ad infinitum, a real glimmer of dreaming, design and actual working code has surfaced under the label of GNOME 3.0. In my opinion, I don't care what it's called, GNOME 2.30.0 or GNOME 3.0.0, it's time to bring some excitement and re-energize the user base of GNOME with a fresh desktop experience in a sleek and modern looking way. This is not just about a new theme however. There are a lot of new technologies out there that need to be better integrated into an API that will encourage application writers to use. To accomplish this, GNOME needs an API that accomplishes a similar feat to what Cocoa does for Mac OS X programming. I believe that the GNOME project is in a unique position in the open source desktop space to bring the same experience as Cocoa, but in a completely open, and thus more effective manner than Cocoa could ever accomplish. Let me give some specifics examples as to what I am referring to."

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