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8 KDE 4 Distributions

May 05, 2009, 13:31 (0 Talkback[s])

By the name, it's obvious PCBSD isn't a Linux distro. This FreeBSD based distro is regarded as a very friendly distro, containing a unique package manager called PBI, which provides a functionality much like installing an .exe file in Windows. This functionality removes dependency issues and makes installing much more simpler. FreeBSD has recently moved to using KDE4 and provides a very friendly experience. If the user prefers using ports as it's package manager instead of PBI, it is possible by typing some commands in the terminal, converting PCBSD into a standard FreeBSD rolling distro.

Fedora is a RPM RedHat sponsored distro, which has an objective of only being made of open-source software, including it's main repositories only contains packages which are at Fedora's open-source standards. Fedora is normally considered to be a Gnome distro, but it also has a KDE4 distro available as well called the Fedora 10 KDE Desktop Edition."

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