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Geotagging with Linux

May 05, 2009, 16:02 (0 Talkback[s])

"What you're going to learn may not be the most sophisticated way to geotag but has all the characteristics to be immediately useful to all LXF readers who want to get started with geotagging because it doesn't require any GPS equipment. We're using free software that works without hassle on any Linux distribution around, and way it collects coordinates is so simple that you could delegate it to everybody who can type and handle a mouse. It also has the benefit of being faster than other GUIs, is easily extensible to add other types of taggings, and it covers all the geotagging needs of most non-professional photographers.

"If you're ready, let's start looking how to geotag pictures with Firefox, its Minimap extension and just a little bit of Bash scripting, using a few shots from wonderful Sardinia as source material. We're going to use Firefox to create one text file containing the coordinates of all the places shown in our photographs, and another plain text file that associates each shot to a place. This is all the information we need to get one simple Bash script to write the location of the shot inside each JPEG file, in a standard format that any geo-capable software can understand.

"Trick question before continuing: which location should you geotag into a picture? The one of what you see in the picture, or the one from which the picture was shot? In this tutorial we use the second criterion, but there is no single right answer, really. You decide. And because we're data masochists, we'll note that in either case you should also geotag the orientation of the shot (looking north, looking south etc) if you really don't want to miss any geographical information."

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