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A weekend with Ubuntu 9.04 and Kubuntu 9.04.

May 06, 2009, 17:01 (0 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to bigjohn for this link. ]

"It's at this point in time that I'm ready to take the CD out of the drive and snap it in half but instead I decide to see if I can get the Nvidia graphics driver loaded up into the Live CD.

"When I had this low resolution desktop problem before with an Ubuntu Live CD I could go to the hardware drivers program and pick the Nvidia graphics driver and install that. Then I would just have to reboot the X graphics system and I would be good to go. Well with Ubuntu 9.04 they decided to disable the hot key combination needed to be able to restart the X server. This really really really really pissed me off since now I would have to fire google up and go look for a solution to this problem. After a while of browsing around on google I found an article where they talked about another key combination to reset the X server and this was using the ALT + SysRq + K I was pleasantly surprised to see that this key combination reset the X server and I was back in business with the proper screen resolution.

"This whole issue with the wrong screen resolution being detected is something I feel has to get fixed ASAP, because if you're trying to show Linux off to someone and the first impression they get is it's a hassle to get the most basic things working correctly it gives Linux a black eye and certainly doesn't come off as user friendly."

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